Selection Criteria

The Democracy Learning Lab Guide

Selection Criteria

On the whole, the Growing Democracy Project is designed to focus on developing ways to enable everyday people of all kinds to bring diverse viewpoints and life experiences to the same table for genuine, ongoing democratic discussion. Therefore, our Democracy Learning Lab will be reaching out to people across several spectra:

  • Political orientation: Blue/Red /Purple/Independent/etc.
  • Ethnic subcultures
  • All gender orientations
  • All sexual orientations
  • Class
  • Age
  • and more if we have missed any.

In addition, as an applicant you would have to 

  1. demonstrate deep interest in the primary learning objectives
  2. have the time to engage in a 2- 3 month learning experience, and
  3. have the financial resources to cover your expenses for three months unless the Growing Democracy Project has raised funds for scholarships.

Cost for the program is determined by the host organization in consultation with the GDProject. Financial support for Democracy Learning Lab Fellows will come through the host and other funding organizations. At the same time the GDProject will do continuous fund raising for both operational expenses and Lab fellowships.

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Selection Criteria