The Growing Democracy Project (GDProject)

The Growing Democracy Project (GDProject) envisions a national transformative civic educational system. Its job will be to develop legions of highly competent democratic practitioners through experiential training. Literally, a Democracy Corps.

Its ultimate goal is to make democracy the predominant social and political force in our country.

The Growing Democracy Project (GDP) is a cultural and political program
for developing a legion of everyday citizens who can generate enough collective power to make democracy the dominant political force in our country.

About the Lab

If you feel like our current democracy is failing both left, right, and wherever, you can make a difference.
Some of the most important work to be done in our country lies beyond fixing the problems with our current democracy. We need to grow it. To do that well we need a “democracy corps” of everyday citizens.
We have developed a tool to get started …

GDProject Work Book

This is a workbook. It is for imagining and building a long-term project to grow our democracy into the dominant political and social force in our country. It is a beginning point that provides a direction for an ambitious R&D project. It is a tool for lifting that project off the ground, and sending it on its way…

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Our Writing Section provides access to articles, blogs, and book reviews done by our Growing Democracy Project staff and associates. In addition, the fellows in our Democracy Learning Labs will be able to post journals of their experiences as they go through their training.. Each Lab group will decide whether they want to do this or not.

Michael Johnson
Hi, I’m Michael Johnson and I have a question for you. If you are concerned about how our democracy is doing, do you think about how it needs fixing or how we can grow it, even grow it exponentially? 
Re-Thinking Social Change from the Ground-up
Michael Johnson
For quite a while David Sloan Wilson has been demonstrating how evolutionary thinking is an eminently practical way of thinking about everyday life and the legions of problems and dilemmas we struggle...
Oh, Trauma! How Little We Know Ye
Michael Johnson
In The Therapy Journal, Steve Wineman gives us a novel about sexual trauma that is deeply relevant to all social change agents both in their practice and in the strategies they work from. It’s a good ...

What is democracy? Before all else, democracy is a way of living and relating that calls for us to want to hear and understand each other

—especially when there is disagreement or conflict—

in order to think and act together.

Video & Podcasts

Our Podcast section will provide access to a variety of audio and visual material. This will include access to presentations and interviews done by our Growing Democracy Project staff and associates. Much of this material will be available on our Love and Democracy YouTube channel.
Access to outside podcasts involving our staff and associates will also be provided…

Inner Landscapes - Activists Community of Practice
Pamela Boyce Simms, Michael Johnson
Pamela Boyce Simms wants deep social change, and she has developed a community of practice that asserts deep personal change is essential for achieving that: Inner Landscapes - Activists Community of ...
Power and Agency, Trauma and Oppression
Steven Wineman, Michael Johnson
Steven Wineman, author of The Therapy Journal and Power Under: Trauma and Nonviolent Social Change, talks with Michael Johnson about the many ways trauma and oppression express themselves, the nature ...
40 Years in Community
Ebony Gustave
Ebony Gustave interviews Michael Johnson about the importance of creating and nurturing a culture of listening and understanding, for the members of the Ganas Intentional Community.

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