The staff

The Staff


Project Coordinator

Board of Directors
For over 40 years my main occupation has been managing a community through a collective face-to-face process. This has involved ongoing experiential learning about personal development and culture building. My secondary occupation for the past 20 years has been reflecting on how to apply that rich learning to developing democracy on larger scales. The Growing Democracy Project is the outcome. It i...


Project Development

Board of Directors
Laurie is a documentary filmmaker and counselor with extensive experience as a child development and behavior specialist, offering child and family counseling, parent education/support, teacher training and individual counseling.   B.Ed. in Special Education and English, University of Alberta  Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences,  LIOS (Leadership Institute of Spokane), Whitworth C...

Nkanyiso “Kai” Madlala

Start-Up Strategies

Board of Directors
Nkanyiso Madlala is a distinguished professional with a remarkable seventeen-year career in the field of energy efficiency and intelligent lighting. With degrees and experience in both law and engineering, Nkanyiso possesses a unique blend of expertise that has enabled him to make significant contributions to the realm of sustainability and climate change. Throughout his career, Nkanyiso has colla...


Project Development

My name is James Full aka Bear—also Ryno, Bad Bernie,  Geronimo, and Jim. Over the years [life] I've lived on both sides of the tracks. As a 20-year functional methamphetamine addict I spent a year in prison with a suspended sentence of 10 years. I moved out of and beyond this personal condition through learning to take responsibility for myself and disciplining my reactivity. This transformati...


Artistic Consultant, Bookkeeper

I see in the world’s great cities, the ineffable beauty and pain that humankind has created and endured in its search for some truths.  I try to capture the genius-loci of a place by traveling and strolling the streets.  When I get back to my studio, my work begins by sketching, then painting, the various icons, juxtaposing them by shape, size and color. My aim is to evoke the viewers into thinkin...