Application Questionnaire

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Application Questionnaire

This is a model for a questionnaire that can be used in a selection process for applicants to a Growing Democracy Learning Lab. The basic idea would be for you, the applicant, to give the organizations involved in a particular Lab project the information they need to follow-up with an in-depth interview.

  1. How do you understand the objectives of the Growing Democracy Learning Lab?

  2. What is your understanding of how the Learning Lab program will work?

  3. What drew you to apply for the learning a Lab offers?

  4. What are the important questions you have about the Growing Democracy Learning Lab and its program? (Please elaborate briefly on each question rather than just list them.)

  5. Discuss what you see or wonder about regarding the weaknesses and the strengths of the Democracy Learning Lab program as it is described.

  6. What do you feel you can contribute to the Democracy Learning Lab?

  7. At this point are you looking to make the Growing Democracy Project an important part of your life?  Yes__ No__ Maybe__ 

Please elaborate on your answer.

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Application Questionnaire