A Week in the Democracy Learning Lab

The Democracy Learning Lab Guide

A Week in the Democracy Learning Lab

Ideally, a Lab would run continuously for two to three months, but the realities of everyday life don’t lend themselves easily to this kind of time commitment. Labs will have to be structured in various ways to bring the requirements of quality learning and the particulars of a specific situation together. Below is a sketch of what a Lab week could look like. It’s presented as a starting point for crafting a Lab program to meet specific circumstances. This layout seeks to highlight the role of discussions, especially ones about process issues, that the group will be managing its life together (housekeeping and weekends), and that there will be ample private time. 

8:00 | Breakfast

9:00 | Morning Meeting (group business; process issues)

11:00 | Study, or Housekeeping work, or Misc. / Personal

1:00 | Lunch & Discussion (group business; topical issue; process issues)

2:30 |Study, or Housekeeping, or Misc. / Personal

6:30 | Dinner

8:00 | Group Event, which could be discussion, event with outside resource person, watching special video together, etc. or free time

10:00 | End of Day


11:00 | MEETING