Learning in the Democracy Learning Lab

The Democracy Learning Lab Guide

Learning in the Democracy Learning Lab

The Democracy learning lab is the site for intensively learning how small groups work and don't work well, their vital role in cultures as the basic unit of all social organizations, and how they are the primary place where people develop and fail to develop as humans from birth throughout their lives. 

The primary learning in the Lab will come through Lab Fellows’ direct experience in co-creating a strong democratic group over a significant amount of time, and reflection on all of their experiences.

Fellows will also draw on professional resources and integrate this stream of learning with their direct experiences. These objective resources will come through writings, videos,  podcasts, and discussions with relevant professionals both from the academy and the world of organizers as that can be worked out.

The Lab Fellows will merge both of these learning streams into a pragmatic understanding of

  • what’s needed for a small group to work well,
  • how a group is served by networking with other groups, and 
  • the importance of its role in
  • evolving a culture
  • personal development & transformation
  • social organization
  • the variety of political orientations, 
  • all of the socioeconomic spectra of our society (age, class, gender, region, religion, sexual orientation, skin color, etc., and
  • how all of these can help grow our democracy so that it can become the dominant sociopolitical force in the united states.


Finally, participants will realize that all of this is but a beginning.

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Learning in the Democracy Learning Lab